LERN engaged the Trauma System Evaluation and Planning Committee (TSEPC) of the American College of Surgeons in the summer of 2009 to conduct a consultative visit. The TSEPC consultation program is the gold standard for independent assessment of trauma systems. The TSEPC consultative visit provided a comprehensive assessment of LERN’s then progress to date in developing all the fundamental elements of trauma system. The final consultation report issued by the TSEPC consultation team also included a specific list of priority recommendations for LERN’s continued development.

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In response to the 2009 TSEPC recommendations, LERN’s governing board established a list of strategic priorities to guide organizational planning and decision-making. The Board reviews the strategic priorities and updates the list as necessary to accurately reflect the priority tasks of the organization. LERN’s current (2012 to 2015) strategic priorities include the following:

Strengthen the Sustainability of LERN’s Mission, Including the Effective Administration of State Office Operations and the Development of an Ideal Statewide Network of Designated Trauma Centers.

  • Lessen or eliminate LERN’s reliance on state general fund dollars and maximize LERN funding from recurring, dedicated source(s)
Build a consensus of support among key stakeholders for the development and maintenance of an ideal statewide network of designated trauma centers in Louisiana which includes at least one designated Trauma Center in every region of the state.

Develop a statewide system of STEMI care to improve outcomes for Louisiana citizens regardless of where they live in the state. System to include components recommended by LERN’s STEMI Design System workgroup:

  • PCI Hospitals
  • Non-PCI Hospitals
  • EMS
  • Public
  • Data Registry
Develop a statewide system of stroke care to improve outcomes for Louisiana citizens regardless of where they live in the state. System to include recommendations from the Stroke Design the System Workgroup relative to:

  • Public recognition of stroke symptoms and community education
  • Enhance provider-level stroke education
  • Implementation of the revised initial destination protocol for pre-hospital providers, which addressed large vessel occlusions and priority to access centers with endovascular therapy
  • EMS transfer protocols to facilitate timely administration of tPA and safe inter-facility transfer
  • Emergency/timely evaluation of all strokes
  • Enhanced participation in Stroke Registry
Establish statewide registries consistent with national standards for the purpose of facilitating:

  • Statewide and regional injury prevention efforts
  • LERN
Trauma System performance improvement
Continue to strengthen LERN’s critical role as the “24/7/365 information coordinator” for unfolding disasters and mass casualty incidents (MCIs) in Louisiana

  • Participation in regional activities to integrate LERN’s services with region-specific protocols for event management and support
  • Serve as the primary coordinating entity for messaging and notifications regarding events and incidents as they occur
  • Maximize regional assets by coordinating patient flow/transport

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Strategic Plan FY 2015-2019

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