LERN has three medical directors serving as subject-matter experts to assist and guide LERN in developing trauma, stroke, and STEMI systems of care.

Medical Director – Trauma


Sheryl Martin-Schild, MD
Medical Director – Stroke
Stroke Tips

A message from the director:

“A comprehensive stroke system of care in Louisiana, with an emphasis on proven treatments and timely access to care, is necessary to reduce death and dependency. The latest reports rank Louisiana amongst the most lethal states to experience stroke. Over the last three years, the Stroke Workgroup, has advanced the delivery of time-sensitive stroke treatment by 1) revising the EMS protocol to reflect standard stroke guidelines (AHA/ASA), 2) implementing primary and secondary destination protocols, 3)defining four levels of hospital capability, and 4) receiving attestations of hospital level from all acute care facilities. Much work remains to be done, including 1) acquisition and management of stroke core measure data from stroke-treating facilities and 2) identification and facilitation of centers emerging to a higher level Stroke Center to close large gaps in access to Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers. We are confident that LERNs collaborative workgroup of physicians, nurses, and other stakeholders will continue to provide the expertise and leadership necessary to grow and strengthen Louisiana’s capacity to provide state-of-the-art stroke care for its citizens.”

Murtuza Ali, MD
Medical Director – STEMI

A message from the director:

“Successful STEMI systems of care have been created in a number of states – producing improved patient outcomes for this often-deadly disease. Louisiana has begun development of a STEMI system of care and is utilizing a statewide approach; LERN is serving as the convener of key stakeholders and resources. Full implementation of this system will provide fast access to proven treatments for the state of Louisiana with the goal of lowering STEMI mortality in our state. We all have a role to play in creating a first class STEMI system of care, and I look forward to our continued work together.”