LERN engaged the Trauma System Evaluation and Planning Committee (TSEPC) of the American College of Surgeons in the summer of 2009 to conduct a consultative visit. The TSEPC consultation program is the gold standard for independent assessment of trauma systems. The TSEPC consultative visit provided a comprehensive assessment of LERN’s then progress to date in developing all the fundamental elements of trauma system. The final consultation report issued by the TSEPC consultation team also included a specific list of priority recommendations for LERN’s continued development.

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In response to the 2009 TSEPC recommendations, LERN’s governing board established a list of strategic priorities to guide organizational planning and decision-making. The Board reviews the strategic priorities and updates the list as necessary to accurately reflect the priority tasks of the organization. LERN’s current (2019 to 2021) strategic priorities include the following:

Continue the buildout and strengthening of LERN’s statewide care coordination systems – including Trauma, Stroke, STEMI (heart attack), Burn, and MCI/Disaster Response.

Elevate EMS engagement and participation in LERN’s strategic development and operational activities.

Secure increased annual operational funding that facilitates priority expansions of LERN’s educational services capacity, data analytics, and performance improvements (PI) capabilities, an keeps pace with LERN’s growing role in Louisiana’s mass casualty incident (MCI) and disaster response infrastructure.

Secure a new, properly-hardened and strategically-located to serve as the operational base for the LERN mission.

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Strategic Plan FY 2020-2025

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