LERN has adopted the tagline – Right Place. Right Time. Right Care.

The tagline reminds us of two basic trauma facts – first, not all injuries are equal in severity, and second, not all hospitals have equal resources available to care for trauma patients. The tagline also alludes to one of the most basic trauma system goals – each trauma patient evaluated and expeditiously delivered to a hospital facility capable of providing the level of care needed.

The successful management of trauma patients requires the accurate identification of specific injuries or mechanisms likely to cause severe injury. Protocols are used to identify patients with injuries and mechanisms that warrant pre-hospital (EMS) coordination with the LERN Communications Center (LCC) to deliver the patient to the Right Place at the Right Time to receive the Right Care.

The LERN Board has approved the LERN Destination Protocol: Trauma to support the pre-hospital evaluation and expeditious delivery of trauma patients. This protocol is based on the Field Triage Scheme developed by the Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons.

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