What is a trauma registry?

It is a data collection system that includes a file of uniform data elements that describe the injury event, demographics, prehospital information, care, outcomes, and costs of treatment for injured patients.

What is the purpose of trauma registry?

The purpose is to mine the data for what it can tell us – registry data can be coded, compiled, analyzed, and reported. The trauma registry is an important management tool that will be used for performance management and improvement, research, and injury prevention.

Individual trauma centers that are verified by the Committee on Trauma, American College of Surgeons (COT ACS) must develop and maintain their own trauma registries and submit their data to the National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB). In Louisiana, hospitals must successfully complete the COT ACS verification process as a condition of state certification as a trauma center.

Louisiana’s statewide trauma registry was authorized by the Louisiana Legislature in 2010. The legislation charges the LERN Board to “establish and maintain a statewide trauma registry to collect and analyze data on the incidence, severity, and causes of trauma, including traumatic brain injury. The registry shall be used to improve the availability and delivery of prehospital or out-of-hospital care and hospital trauma care services.”

LERN has acquired information technology necessary to support a statewide trauma registry. The technology vendor is ImageTrend and the registry technologies acquired by LERN are EMS State Bridge and Patient Registry. Click on the product names to learn more about the capabilities of these registry products.

LERN is currenlty working to implement a Statewide Trauma Registry. Below are links to the data dictionaries that outline reporting requirements for the hospital patient registry, the EMS patient registry and LERN’s data request policy.

LERN-Trauma Registry Data Dictionary
EMS Non-Image Trend Users

Louisiana Emergency Response Network Registry Data Request Policy

LERN State Trauma Registry Reports

LERN compiles data from facilities participating in the LERN State Trauma Registry to assemble State Trauma Registry Reports. These reports include standard dataset information established by the National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB).

2022 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2021 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2020 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2019 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2018 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2017 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2016 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2015 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2014 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2013 LERN State Trauma Registry Report
2012 LERN State Trauma Registry Report

Toolkit Download

Click here to download the LERN Trauma Registry Toolkit

For more information about LERN’s Trauma Registry, contact Chris Hector, LERN’s Administrator.

29 Key Fields for Trauma Registry Validation

Click here for a list of focused data fields for optimized data registry validation from KJ Trauma Consulting.