The LERN Communications Center (LCC) is a key component of our statewide systems of care for trauma, stroke and STEMI. The LCC communications infrastructure is designed to interface with the State’s current communication technology systems – to support LERN’s day-to-day network operations and the statewide interoperability mission in times of disasters.

LERN’s participating hospitals provide the LCC with real-time capacity and capability updates – producing all the information the LCC needs to maintain an accurate inventory of what hospital resources are available where 24/7/365.

When a pre-hospital provider (EMS) or a hospital determines a patient meets major trauma criteria (as identified by in the LERN destination protocols), the LCC is engaged to match the patient to the appropriate level of care/hospital resources available within the region. The LCC utilizes LERN’s destination protocol to match patients to the most appropriate hospital resources. The LCC also serves as a resource for directing stroke and STEMI patients to appropriate hospitals. The LCC is staffed 24/7/365 by nationally registered paramedics with in-depth knowledge of the LERN network design, function, and protocols.

The LCC is equipped with an emergency resources information system that provides the LCC and each participating hospital with a continuous real-time functional status display of all LERN network hospitals. This system provides an information grid listing of:

  • individual hospitals;
  • each hospital’s general LERN hospital network level of capability for Trauma, Stroke and STEMI;
  • the hospital’s primary trauma, stroke and STEMI resource components – indicating, in real time, the availability or non-availability of these individual components (i.e., the availability of surgery, surgical subspecialties, catherization lab, and tele-stroke capability).

LCC number: 1-866-320-8293

It is important to note that the LCC DOES NOT FUNCTION as EMS Medical Control, and it IS NOT a 911 Public Service Access Point (PSAP). The LCC only handles patients who meet the Standard LERN Entry Trauma Criteria or patients who need stroke or STEMI resources.