Louisiana’s All Disasters Response effort utilizes regional coordinators including:

  • Designated Regional Hospitals
  • Hospitals Designated Regional Coordinators
  • EMS Designated Regional Coordinators

Designated Regional Hospitals (DRH) hospitals are larger acute care facilitates with emergency room capabilities and many subspecialty services. They serve voluntarily and have agreed to provide additional capacity and resources in the initial emergency response of a mass casualty or event.

Designated Regional Coordinators (DRC) leadership for each region is provided through Hospital designated regional coordinators and EMS designated regional coordinators. Primary responsibilities for the DRCs include:

  • To serve as the liaison with other health-related entities and on behalf of the industry they represent and to provide liaison with non-health related entities such as the Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
  • To support the patient transfer process during a declared state of emergency.
  • To facilitate the identification of a medical evacuation queue during a declared state of emergency.
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of regional and inter-organization/facility emergency preparedness plans for designated regions in the State of Louisiana.
  • To lead the region’s process for planning, training, exercises, development of, testing of, continuous improvement of and management of regional hospital response to emergency situations.
  • To be the leader for the region during a statewide emergency in which ESF-8 is tasked to respond.

Click here for a list of Hospital Designated Regional Coordinators.